Our Services

Digital Security Solutions

Our Digital surveillance and access control systems offers you an affordable and effective way to provide a solid layer of surveillance around your proprties

Website & Online Services

Get online fast with our professional website design service. From simple to complex, our website design team will create, host, and update your site

Brand & Strategy Solutions

Strategic branding in a technology-driven digital marketplace can be daunting. But when done right, it is 70% more effective than other mediums

Telephony & Internet Connectivity

Stay connected with our high speed internet service and telephony solutions. we offer call centre, solutions and voice broadcasting services.

IT Supplies & Installation

We bring a combination of our extensive product knowledge and availability to provide a seamless customer experience in fulfilling your IT needs.

Who we are

We are a digital communication solutions provider with strategic professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds; all sharing a strong belief in the power of creative ideas. We are dedicated to building efficient and meaningful relationships between our clients and their audience through the use of digital channels.

The establishment of Iscense is in recognition of challenges posed by today’s dynamic business world where technological trends have continued to determine the success of businesses or otherwise.


we have the understanding, the team and the procurement systems that you: can engage with, take advantage of, and save money from.

How we help grow your business

Find your target audience

We help determine your ideal audience and ensure you don’t waste resources on underperforming brand campaigns. Our digital marketing professionals will ensure you reach your target audience.

Create Brand Presence

We open your brand to a wide audience of active online users and ensure that you a part of all interactions that concerns your brand online. This will give you insights with which you can tailor content for better conversion.

Attract Prospects

Our optimized online campaigns would ensure that people searching for your business online can easily find you. We believe in taking your business to prospects instead of waiting for them to find you

Ensure Conversion

We ensure you convert your leads into paying and returning customers. Using our analytics tools, we help you ensure you extract value at every step of your funnel

Hear from some of our Clients


Mr. Ayodeji Johnson

"The ISCENSE team were very instrumental to our grass root mobilisation during the last campaign period. I never knew it was possible to broadcast voice messages to electorates using GSM until they delivered."


Barr. Stanley Eze

"It is essential that our I.T. systems are maintained and managed to provide us and our clients with confidentiality, security and backup. ISCENSE Technologies are part of our team to ensure that our clients' needs are met and our I.T. systems are secure from external network threats."


Mr. james Malgwi

I have found ISCENSE Technologies to be a professional company. They were reliable, explained complex technology in simple terms and were always happy to do what it takes to get the job done. I would have no hesitation is recommending ISCENSE to any organisation that is looking for an I.T. supplier.


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